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The Raga deep dive courses are aimed at internalising Raga concepts. In this Raga Deepdive

course the concert favourite and attractive morning Raga Ahir Bhairav is chosen for exploration.

This is a Raga that unfolds with many hues. There is an element of pleasantness arising from the

folk origins along with the meditative nature of the Bhairav Ragaang. As a Sampoorn Raga this

Raga could pave way to create and practice a variety of Paltas. The Bada Khayal, the Chhota

Khayal along with a Jhaptaal composition are practiced in this course. 

The student has completed HV310 at the academy OR the student has learnt Chhota Khayal and BadaKhayal with improvisation  in about 20 Ragas with Swar Vistar, Aalap and Taan. The Bada Khayal includes the following Ragas- Yaman, Bhairav, Bhupali, Bihag, Bageshri, Malkauns, Bhimpalasi

Ahir Bhairav Introduction
  • Raga characteristics
  • Placement in Raga classification systems
  • Similar and same family Ragas- a glimpse
Ahir Bhairav Bada Khayal
  • Bada Khayal Bandish in Vilambit Ektaal
  • Aalap development
  • Boltaan and Taan
  • Presentation
Ahir Bhairav Chhota Khayal
  • Chhota Khayal Bandish
  • Aalap and Bol Aalap
  • Taan
  • Prsentation
Ahir Bhairav- Jhaptaal Madhya Laya Khayal
  • Bandish set to Jhaptaal
  • Aalap and Bol Aalap
  • Taan
  • Composition of Sargam Geet/ Tarana Bandish