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‘Garbh Sangeet’ is a course that is specially created for mothers-to-be. This course brings a collection of songs and Ragas for learning along with more music that is best suited for listening during the prenatal time.  

'Garbh Sangeet’ is an integral part of ‘Garbh Sanskar’- a holistic system of care prescribed by ancient Indian practices for the mother-to-be. The environment surrounding the mother is said to have an important influence on the development of the child. Music plays an important role in creating a positive environment that nurtures the mother and the child. 

Music is one of the most valuable gifts of nature to humans. The musical sound is called Nada, the primordial sound of creation. Nada manifests itself in the form of Swaras and flows as energy of positive vibrations possessing the qualities to nurture life.

This course focuses on learning Indian Ragas that have been proven to provide physical, mental, and spiritual comfort to a carrying mother and her child.

This course includes 6 compositions based on selected themes and Ragas along with listening material.



Course Format

This course has 12 instructor led sessions.



  • To do Omkar and Shuddh Swara (Bilaval/Shankarabharana) singing with the Tanpura
  • To learn the songs 
  • To do music listening 

  • Omkar
  • Shuddh Swaras
  • Aakar singing
  • Swara patterns(optional)
Ganesh Vandana
  • Gananaatha Gajavadana learning
Ganesha Bhajan
  • Vishwaadhaara Vinayaka learning
Ehi Mudam Dehi(Tarangam)
  • Ehi Mudam Dehi learning
Jaya Jayati Jaya (Ram Bhajan)
  • Raga Hamsadhwani Aaroh Avaroh Swaras
  • Jaya Jayati learning
Jai Durge
  • Raga Durga Aaroh Avaroh
  • Durga Stuti
  • Jay Durge learning
Sri Ramachandra Kripalu
  • Introduction to Raga Yaman Kalyan
  • Sri Ramachandra learning
  • Sri Ramachandra Practice
  • Vocal Music (Ragas Hamsadhwani, Durga, Bhupali)
  • Instrumental Music ( Ragas Des, Durga)
  • The student is able to sing selected songs out of the six songs assigned for learning OR all the six songs
  • Listening to music is encouraged and listening material is provided in this course