An inclusive learning program for Schools

  The Curriculum

Structured. Creative. Progressive



Grow with Music is an academic program designed to deliver music education at schools – just like any other subject. Grow with music is 

Structured: it has well-defined lesson plans, assignments and assessments for each grade. 

Creative: it is crafted to teach music in a fun, simplified and engaging way. 

Progressive: it unfolds step-by-step from nursery to Grade 8, staying age-relevant all the way. 

Where children grow from loving music

to understanding, appreciating, creating music

Children understand musical elements – melody, rhythm, beat, pitch, and more. And they learn how to use these musical elements by creating and performing songs. Grow With Music packages music in a fun, appealing way. So children enjoy learning music. Children develop vital life skills: confidence, participation, collaboration. They grow the ability to work toward a goal – as an individual and as part of a group. And all the while they create moments of Joy. 



The building blocks

Less mystery. More magic

Many elements of music can be a mystery for children.
Grow With Music takes the mystery out of music. Here’s how.

Platforms for honing talent, performance

Shankar Mahadevan Academy’s annual global meet, Sangam, gives children an opportunity to perform in the presence of renowned musicians, and the maestro himself – Shankar Mahadevan. What’s more, they get a chance to interact with the masters.

Musical Events
Every year, Shankar Mahadevan Academy hosts special concerts. Or takes part in musical events. These events are opportunities for children from Grow With Music to perform.

The Academy conducts inter school competitions every year. That’s another opportunity for children to get trained and present their talent.

Nurture the talent

What comes naturally gets better with nurture. Students with innate talent get nurtured by the Academy to refine their talent.



The Grow with Music Experience 


Schools that Grow with Music

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