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Marma Bandhatali' is a well known Marathi Natya Geet from the play 'Sanyasta Khadga'. Written by Shankar Balaji Shastri, set  to tune by Pt. Ramakrishna Bua Vazeand originally sung by Dinanath Mangeshkar, this song conveys the essence of Raga Patdeep.

Course Format

No of classes- 4

Batch size- 1


To understand the jist meaning of the song

To develop awareness about the Raga which the song is based on and the Swara mapping

To learn the song  

To improvise and work on the presentation of the song

Skill Level HV302

Introduction to the Natyageet -Marma Bandhantali
  • Introduction to Marathi Natyageet- Marma Bandha
  • About the composition and composer
Raga Patdeep
  • Introduction to Raga Patdeep
  • SwarVistar in Raga Patdeep
Learning the song Marma Bandhantali
  • Lyrics of the song Marma Bandha
  • Swaras of the song Marma Bandha
  • Performance of the song Marma Bandha

The student is able to

sing in perfect melody and rhythm

 present the song Daya Ghana in perfect melody and rhythm

 improvise with Aalap