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Technical Issues
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Any body facing technical issues through gtalk?
Voice techniques
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What are the daily practices to work on our voices if we need to use chest voice or head voice according to our range and how should we identify it
New OM Riyaaaz Recorder
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Here is a student talking about it From: Dharshan killi Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 5:54 PM Subject: new OM Book audio recorder To: shankar mahadevan <> Hi, I tried the new audio recorder, exellent!!! it is better quality, no any distabance very clear, outstanding improvment !!! well done. Thank you very much, Best Regards, Dharshan.
Since the audio..
by Yoga Advaith Veturi
7 years ago
Mastering the instrument
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Recommend that SMA start courses for learning the instrument as well .