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I am not able to submit practice recording
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I have joined CV101. My teacher gave me assignment to practice and submit sarali varasai 1 to 8 in two speeds and then 9 to 11 in one speed. I had submitted such recording before, but they were not good, so I started again. By the time I reached 4rth sarali, I got message I have run out of submission. So I thought, let me go ahead and atleast save. By Fifth Sarali, it is not allowing me to save also. Says, buy additional Submissions. I dont understand, if I dont continuously practice and teacher approves it, should I keep buying something ? Please explain admin or whoever appropriate.
Learn music online
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Hey all, Hope everyone's doing good. I am looking forward to learning guitar. But as I work for more than 9 hours, I don't have time for full time course. Some of my friends have suggested an online guitar classes- I was thinking to enroll there for the guitar classes there. But, before jumping into something, I wanted do my research. So are there any other suggestions? My first preference is for online courses.
Technical Issues
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Any body facing technical issues through gtalk?
Voice techniques
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What are the daily practices to work on our voices if we need to use chest voice or head voice according to our range and how should we identify it
New OM Riyaaaz Recorder
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Here is a student talking about it From: Dharshan killi Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 5:54 PM Subject: new OM Book audio recorder To: shankar mahadevan <> Hi, I tried the new audio recorder, exellent!!! it is better quality, no any distabance very clear, outstanding improvment !!! well done. Thank you very much, Best Regards, Dharshan.
Since the audio..
by Yoga Advaith Veturi
12 years, 1 month ago
Mastering the instrument
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Recommend that SMA start courses for learning the instrument as well .