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New OM Riyaaaz Recorder

Here is a student talking about it From: Dharshan killi Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 5:54 PM Subject: new OM Book audio recorder To: shankar mahadevan <> Hi, I tried the new audio recorder, exellent!!! it is better quality, no any distabance very clear, outstanding improvment !!! well done. Thank you very much, Best Regards, Dharshan.

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Since the audio recording is available only to SMA students, you must have additional space for students to record Kriti's out side what is taught in SMA as well . you may limit the entries so that there is no overflow, but this way you are really encouraging sharing . Also in the advanced levels the recording space of 5 minutes is really insufficient.

Yoga Advaith Veturi 2012-06-02