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The CV102 course introduces to the students to the concept of Paired notes (Janta Swaras) giving the student an awareness of how many different patterns, the notes could be sung in. The student will learn 8 patterns of Janta Varisais in the Raga Mayamalavagowla and will practice it in all the three speeds. The concept of a Melakartha Raga and Janya Raga and understanding its difference will be introduced. 

A new form of Carnatic Music- A geetham will be introduced. The student will learn the first two Pillari geethams in the Janya Raga Malahari.



The objectives of this course are -

1. To learn 8 Janta varisai patterns in Mayamalavgowla 

2. Learn all 8 Janta varisais in 3 speeds along with Tala

3. Practice the Janta varisais in aakaram in the slow speed

4. Learn a new form of carnatic music - Geetham and understand its structure

5. Learn the difference between Melakartha raga and janya raga

6. Learn the first 2 pillari geethams in raga malahari

7. For students who have learnt the Sarali Varisai in a different Raga - to revise singing the varisais in Mayamalavagowla raga.

8. Understand swara nomenclature

The student should have completed the CV101 course or should have the basic knowledge of swaras, Raga, Shruthi and Tala and should be able to sing the basic swara patterns (sarali varisais) along with Talam in all the three speeds.

Janta Varisais
  • Janta Varisai 1
  • Janta Varisai 2
  • Janta Varisai 3
  • Janta Varisai 4
  • Janta Varisai 5
  • Janta Varisai 6
  • Janta Varisai 7
  • Janta Varisai 8
  • Janta Varisai in 2nd and 3rd Speed
  • Janta varisai in aakaram
Pillari Geetham (1st and 2nd)
  • Sri Gananatha Swara
  • Sri Gananatha Sahithyam
  • Kunda Gowra Swara
  • Kunda Gowra Sahithyam
Sarali Varisais (Revision)
  • Sarali Varisai 1 to 14 in Mayamalavagowla
  • Sarali Varisai 1-14 in all 3 speeds/Kaala
  • Swara Nomenclature
  • Raga Lakshana of Mayamalavagowla
  • Understanding Geetham - a musical form

The outcomes for the course are -

1. Student is able to sing 5 out of the 8 Janta varisias without the assistance of the teacher

2. Student is able to sing the double note patterns in the right swarasthanas

3. Student can sing most varisais in 1st and 2nd speed with tala

4. Student is able to sing at least 1 geetham in the right tune and tala without help of notations.