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12 week(s)
Max class size
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In the CV103 course the student is introduced to Dhaatu varisais (alternate/jumping note patterns) and Melsthayi varisais (upper octave note exrecises) in the Raga Mayamalavagowla, in all the three speeds. The remaining two malahari geethams will be completed. This level enhances the capability of the student to handle different speeds and introduces new exrecises for voice culture. 

The course will also introduce graded assessments which the student will need to complete in a timely manner. 

Course Format

Batch Size: 3

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week.


1. Learn the simple and advanced Dhatu varisais and understand how patterns are created by jumping notes.

2. Attain more perfection of swarasthanas in different Ragas - Melakartha and Janya.

3. Attain flexibility and improved range in voice and perfecting singing notes of the higher and middle octave through the Melasthayi varisais.

4. Learn the remaining two Pillari geethams of Sri Purandara Dasa

4. Attain perfection by revising all lessons from CV101 onwards to appear for the Sa Level exam 

The student should have completed CV101 and CV102 with Shankar Mahadevan Academy or should have knowledge of basics of Carnatic music which includes singing the Sarali and Janta Varisais in Mayamalavagowla in all the three speeds and the first two pillari geethams - Sri Gananatha and Kunda Gowra.

Dhatu Varisais (Simple) in Mayamalavgowla
  • Dhatu Varisai 1 Simple
  • Dhatu Varisai 2 Simple
Dhatu Varisais (Advanced) in Mayamalavgowla
  • Dhatu Varisai 1 Advanced
Melsthayi Varisais in Mayamalavagowla
  • Melsthayi Varisai 1
  • Melsthayi Varisai 2
  • Melsthayi Varisai 3
  • Kereyaneeranu - Malahari Ragam
  • Padumanabha - Malahari Ragam
  • Understanding Sthayi or Octave
  • Janaka and Janya Ragas - understanding their difference
  • Characteristics of Janya and Janaka Ragas
  • Raga Lakshana of Malahari
Revision for Sa exam
  • Sarali Varisais 1-14
  • Janta Varisais 1-8
  • Dhatu and Melsthayi Varisais
  • Malahari Geethams

1. Student is able to sing the simple and advanced dhatu varisai in at least 1 speed

2. Student should be able to sing both the Malahari geethams, Kereyaneeranu and Padumanabha Sahithyam in the right tune

3. Student should be ready to attempt the Sa Level exam and revise all lessons from CV101 onwards.

4. Student should be aware of theory (Janaka & Janya Ragas, Sthayi, Raga Lakshanas) and be able to explain in simple terms.

5. Student must be able to complete simple swara sequences.