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Hindi Movie Songs

Learn for talent competition, special event or just for fun!

Whether you are new to singing or an experienced vocalist, we make it fun and easy for anyone to learn their favorite song. The course will teach you step-by-step, covering the lyrics, song situation, music composition and finer nuances such as the inflections and ornamentations.


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Hindi Movie Song Learning Packs

Learn any 15 songs for one year subscription.Activate your songs as you go on learning.

USD 99

Learning Experience

  • Online Music Book will teach you step by step
  • You will get to understand the song situation,composition, lyrics and some of the pronunciations
  • You will learn the basic tune and then start working on the mukda and then antara.
  • Soon you will learn finer nuances such as the inflections and ornamentations.
  • All along you can practice and record as much as you like using the recording tools
  • You will get expert audio feedback on your submitted recordings
  • Learn anywhere, any time - even on your mobile devices
  • Share you recordings with the academy community and your facebook friends
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