How SMA is Empowered by CloodOn’s Technology

  • Sridhar Ranganathan
  • Posted 10, Jul 17
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Read about the technology that powers Shankar Mahadevan Academy

Listening - the Easy Way to Learn Music

More than 50% of learning music can be is achieved through "listening to music" on to find out how you can become a better singer by listening to music

Vision in Action

Neeraja Raghavan writes about her experience at SANGAM 2016 - the Annual Global Meet for Shankar Mahadevan Academy students, teachers, staff and partners.

Experiences of a Celebrity Judge

  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  • Posted 10, Dec 15

More and more platforms are coming up in these very opportune times for musicians to express and challenge themselves, grow individually and share ideas to enable the music itself to evolve. Such platforms, be it college/ university competitions, cultural festivals, musical reality shows or any such platform, aim to bring forth talent and reward merit, and give an attractive incentive or motivation to aspire for excellence in musical performance. Here are some notes from the field by a celebrity judge

Its Never Too Late to Start Learning Music!

  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  • Posted 03, Dec 15

Its Never Too Late to Start Learning Music

Family's Influence on Children's Music Learning

  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  • Posted 05, Mar 15
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A family around music in the early years enhances a child's listening skills and musical intelligence

Flute – A Musical Instrument Popular Across Cultures

  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  • Posted 11, Jul 14

The popularity of the flute lies in its simplicity. Initially made from carved bone, and later from bamboo and wood, the humble flute served many purposes- from communication between and within tribes, with cattle, and most importantly, to provide musical entertainment. In India, the Hindu God Krishna is considered master of the bamboo flute and is always portrayed with one. Handed down from ancient times the flute continues to hold its place as an instrument of repute and is featured in most orchestras, bands, and musical compositions.

Indian Film Music - The Most Popular Music Genre in India

  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  • Posted 04, Jun 14

Bollywood films (referring to Hindi language Indian cinema), are mostly musicals and are therefore expected to contain catchy music in the form of song-and-dance numbers woven into the script. A film's success often depends on the popularity of such musical numbers, which has in turn given birth to India’s most popular genre of music- Bollywood filmi music.

Singing Can Help Create a Powerful Speaking Voice!

  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  • Posted 05, Apr 14

Singing not only helps open the throat but also induces us to listen to the pitch and rhythm of the sounds we are producing. This makes us more attentive to our speech and voice modulation patterns.

Ten Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn To Play Musical Instrument

Can you imagine living your life without music? It would be very hard to do so, as music has been hard-wired into our very existence as human beings. While everyone enjoys listening to good music, not many of us are what the world calls ‘musicians’- the ones with the ability to play a musical instrument....Read on for more..