SANGAM Online Live 2021 (tm)

SANGAM is the Global Meet of Shankar Mahadevan Academy. It brings together students, teachers, staff and partner organisations of the Academy in one place to perform and bond over music.
In November 2021, gear up to meet the online avatar of the event – SANGAM Online Live 2021(tm), our second celebration this year! This online concert features solo and group performances, and live conversations with Shankar Mahadevan & celebrity guests. This entire event will be broadcast worldwide from our social media pages.
Perform to maestros. Receive their wisdom.

Perform at SANGAM Online Live 2021 (™). Express yourself to the world through music. Learn from the wisdom of maestros who will watch your performance. 

Get mentored—Learn, practise, rehearse, refine.

Get mentored to dazzle the audience with the song you'll perform. Put to use all that you’ve learnt in class. Get insights from your mentor—as you learn, practise, rehearse, refine your performance.

Who can participate?

SANGAM Online Live 2021 (TM) is open to all students of the Academy who joined the Academy before 5th August 2021 and are enrolled into an active Instructor-Led course as on November 27, 2021. *T&C apply

Registration Pricing
: INR: 3999 (plus GST) / USD: 100 / EUR: 100 / GBP: 75 / NZD: 125

Registration End Date: Sep 20, 2021 
Venue Details: SANGAM Online Live 2021(tm) will be broadcast live on the Academy's social media channels

Event Date: USA Thanksgiving weekend - November 2021

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