SANGAM Online Live 2021(tm) is special. It marks the 10th anniversary of Shankar Mahadevan Academy. This online concert will feature solo and group performances that will be watched by music maestros who will grace the event. Broadcasted worldwide, the sessions will regale your family, friends, and music lovers across the planet.

SANGAM Online Live would be held over 3 sessions.
  • Session 1: Schools and students of Grow with Music.
  • Session 2 & 3: Hindustani, Carnatic, Voice Gym, Songs, Instruments students.
Registrations for SANGAM 2021 are now closed

Perform to maestros. Receive their wisdom. 

Perform at SANGAM Online Live 2021(tm). Express yourself to the world through music. Learn from the wisdom of maestros who will watch your performance. 


Get mentored—Learn, practise, rehearse, refine. 


Get mentored to dazzle the audience with the song you'll perform. Put to use all that you’ve learnt in class. Get insights from your mentor—as you learn, practise, rehearse, refine your performance.


Find answers to all your questions.


Participate. Seize the moment. 


Enroll to participate in SANGAM Online Live 2021(tm). Perform in front of your peers, friends, family. Interact online with your beloved teachers and mentors, and maestro Shankar Mahadevan. SANGAM Online Live 2021(tm) is open to all students of Shankar Mahadevan Academy who are currently enrolled in an instructor-led course or courses ending on or after March 5, 2021. To participate, read the terms and conditions below and register.

Registration for SANGAM Online Live 2021(tm) are now closed

The SANGAM Experience.