Perform Live Before the Music
Legend Shankar Mahadevan in Bengaluru!

We are delighted to announce the return of our in-person Global Meet featuring the legendary Shankar Mahadevan in Bengaluru, India! Join us for an electrifying event - SANGAM™ Bengaluru 2024, where you can Learn, Practice, and Perform with your peers.

Don't miss this opportunity to invite your family and friends to witness your live performance on stage!

Event Details:

  • Date: 6 July 2024
  • Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

This live, in-person event allows you to showcase your talent in front of Shankar Mahadevan, your teachers, and fellow participants. Please note that parents, guardians, and accompanying guests of performers must purchase Guest Passes during registration to attend the event.

Who can Register:
Participation in Sangam 2024 is open exclusively to active students:

  • Students should have attended at least one online class before February 15, 2024
  • Students should be enrolled in an active Instructor-Led course as of July 5, 2024.
  • If they are not active - there will be no refund and they will not be able to participate in SANGAM 2024

Registration Fees:
Early Bird (15th February 2024 - 21st March 2024):

  • INDIA: INR 4249 (plus GST)
  • OVERSEAS: USD 125, EUR 125, GBP 100, AED 425 (including 5% VAT)

Regular (22nd March 2024 - 30th April 2024):

  • INDIA: INR 5499 (plus GST)
  • OVERSEAS: USD 150, EUR 150, GBP 125, AED 525 (including 5% VAT)

Guest Pass Fees: 
Early Bird (15th February 2024 - 21st March 2024):

  • INDIA: INR 2500 (plus GST)
  • OVERSEAS: USD 100, EUR 100, GBP 75, AED 325 (including 5% VAT)

Regular (22nd March 2024 - 30th April 2024):

  • INDIA: INR 3500 (plus GST)
  • OVERSEAS: USD 125, EUR 125, GBP 100, AED 400 (including 5% VAT)

As a participant, you'll receive a schedule for 5 practice sessions, including 4 online sessions in April and May 2024, and 1 in-person session. Ensure you're in Bengaluru one day before the event (5 July 2024) for rehearsals.

Important Information:

  • Students and Guests who enroll for SANGAM will be responsible for the expense of their own travel, commute and accomodation. The Academy will not cover these expenses.

  • All students need to submit a practice recording as part of their SANGAM rehearsal classes before May 20th - students who do not meet quality standards may need to purchase additional makeup classes to learn better and be prepared for the event.

  • Students and one accompanying parent or caretaker attending rehearsals on July 5th will receive snacks and lunch. Additionally, lunch will be provided at the venue on the event day, July 6th for all participating students and their guests who have enrolled for SANGAM.

  • Timing and venue details will be communicated when the information becomes available.

  • Every student taking part in SANGAM will be awarded a certificate  and an opportunity to take a photograph with Shankar Mahadevan awarding the certificate during the rehearsal session on July 5th.

  • The Academy automatically assumes intellectual property rights over all student recordings during classes as well as during all events related to the Academy, and it reserves the right to utilize photographs, videos, and recordings of any students in various mediums, including but not limited to print, TV, radio, social media, or any other form of media, as deemed suitable by the academy

  • Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  SANGAM Fees cannot be used for paying for a future course.

Don't miss this chance to be part of an unforgettable musical experience! Register now and mark your calendars for SANGAM™ Bengaluru 2024.

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