PRAYAG. The World is Your Stage.
PRAYAG is looking for concert-level performers who wish to showcase their talent to the world. PRAYAG is our concert platform that lets talented musicians present a solo concert and interact live with Shankar Mahadevan, to celebrity guests-of-honour who are masters of their genre! All PRAYAG concerts will be broadcast live on the social media of Shankar Mahadevan and Shankar Mahadevan Academy. The first edition of PRAYAG will be held under two categories.

PRAYAG Debutante (Arangetram).
Launch your Solo Career.


For first-time concert artists. Hindustani or Carnatic vocalists selected for PRAYAG will perform an online solo Arangetram concert for 60 minutes. Selected applicants will be mentored by our senior faculty members in 12 online sessions. 

PRAYAG Debutante for Hindustani Vocalists

PRAYAG Debutante for Carnatic Vocalists

PRAYAG Budding Musicians.
Widen your audience. Make waves.

For musicians who are starting out. Hindustani or Carnatic Vocalists selected for PRAYAG Budding Musicians will perform an online solo concert for 90 minutes. Selected applicants will be mentored by our senior faculty members in 12 online sessions. 
PRAYAG Budding Musicians – Hindustani Vocals

PRAYAG Budding Musicians – Carnatic Vocals

Grab the Spotlight. 

If you are a musician practising your art for years and feel ready to be launched on stage, PRAYAG is the place for you. 

PRAYAG brings together the artist, the mentors, the maestros, the critics and the audience – all on one platform. 

  • Get mentored by the best mentors in your field of learning
  • Get a chance to perform a complete solo concert 
  • Present your art to Shankar Mahadevan and the Gurus of the industry, and get their blessings and feedback
  • Get showcased in front of an audience and start building your following!