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6 week(s)
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PRAYAG Budding Musicians for Carnatic vocals is for experienced performers who wish to showcase their talent to Shankar Mahadevan and the Gurus in Carnatic Vocals, and who wish to reach a wider audience. 

This course aims to mentor the performer to present a 90-minute solo concert that builds on their skills and strengths as a musician. This course is offered to performers with some experience who would hone their knowledge and skills by an in depth approach with valuable inputs and guidance. 

PRAYAG is a confluence of individuals who are on the path of Sangeet Sadhana – practice of music. This is a space to bring out creative expressions through the performing art of Indian classical music in the best possible way. This is a platform that believes in constant evolution and growth. PRAYAG is sacred. PRAYAG nurtures art with positivity and effort to combine knowledge with practice.

Students will present a 90-0minute concert to Shankar Mahadevan and Gurus in the field of Carnatic music.

Course Format

12 weeks, one session of 45 minutes per week. 


To choose compositions to present for a 90-minute concert.

Select a sub main Raga and a main Raga that are comfortable for exploration of Raga Alapana and Kalpana swaras.

Practise an Adi tala Varnam or Ata Tala Varnam in two speeds.

Practise Madhyama Kala and Vilamba Kala krithis of different composers.

Practise singing Kalpana swara in first and second speed along with a Mukthayi.

The applicants are required to meet the following criteria (if the applicant is a student of Shankar Mahadevan Academy, this is an equivalent of having completed Ga-Level Examinations and learning at levels CV301 or above):

1. Should have learned music for a minimum of 7 to 8 years and should be proficient with the aspect of Talam (Rhythm) and should display Shruthi suddham (accuracy in pitch)

2. Should be able to sing an Adi tala and Ata Tala varnam in first and second speed.


3. Should have learned and should be able to sing Madhyama Kala Krithis in different talas like Roopaka, Misra Chapu, Khanda Chapu, Vilamba Adi Tala, etc.


4. Should have learned compositions of different composers – pre trinity, trinity and post trinity – including Thillanas, Haridasa Devarnamas.


5. Should be well versed with Manodharma (improvisation) and should be able to present Raga alapana, Neraval and Kalpana swara for compositions in at least 10 to 15 Ragas. (Ragas may include sampoorna and Janya Ragas – Eg. Shankarabharanam, Kalyani, Mohana, Sri Ranjani, Kharaharapriya, Lathangi, Shanmukhapriya, Khamboji, Pantuvarali, Poorvi Kalyani, etc.


6. Should have already given a few performances and concerts.

Students who wish to apply need to go through a prerequisite assessment that needs to be taken online.

Varnam - Adi/Ata Tala
  • First speed of varnam
  • Second Speed of varnam
  • Tisram for Varnam
  • Madhyama Kala Krithis
  • Vilamba Kala Krithis
  • Raga Alapana
  • Kalpana Swara
  • Neraval

The student is able to present a concert for an hour and a half with a detailed list of compositions that include different Ragas and Thalas, giving ample scope for Manodharma and making it an enjoyable experience to the listener.

The student will present a 90-minute concert to Shankar Mahadevan and Gurus in the field of Carnatic music.