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Course duration
12 week(s)
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A continuation of IPK103, this course introduces the students to new structures of composition and pursues training through performance of the concepts that were introduced in IPK103. 



- Theermanams in different placements and nadais

- Korvais: structural understanding

- New soft skills: Listening exercises for memory and prediction test

- Accompaniments

- Jam sessions


Ability to

- Decode gapped rhythmic patterns in songs

- Construct and recite Theermanams and Korappus

- Perform rhythmic calculations in Chattusram (4/4), Thisram (3/4) and Khandam (5/4)

- Ability to recite in different speeds (tempos) in Chattusram (4/4)


These are typically covered in the previous course IPK103.


  • New placements, new possibilities!
  • Structure
Soft Skills
  • Memory and prediction-1
Exploring Nadais
  • Thisram
  • Khandam

On completing this course, the student will be able to

- Understand rhythmic patterns in compositions

- Accompany a percussion performance with a thaalam

- Perform short Jugalbandhis 

- Create their own short compositions