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Darbari, as the name suggests is a majestic Raga. The Swar Sadhana includes the practice of Khatkas and meend. Swar Vistar is done with the knowledge of the Raga characteristics. Raga Darbari also called Darbari Kanada is further explored by learning the Chhota Khayal with Aalap and Taan.

Raga Jaijaivanti with its interesting and melodious phrases is explored with Chhota Khayal and Bada Khayal

Theory – Ragaangas- Kanada Ang, Margi and Desi Sangeet, Study of similar Ragas.

Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


  • To do Swar Sadhana with Darbari Swaras.
  • To learn the Raga Chalan of Darbari, Swar Vistar and Paltas
  • To learn a Chhota Khayal in Raga Darbari with Aalap and Taan
  • To review the Chhota Khayl in Jaijaivanti
  • To learn Bada Khayal in Jaijaivanti with Aalap and Taan
  • To learn about the ten Ragaangas in detail
  • To research the historical understanding of Margi and Desi



The student has completed HV307 at the academy OR the student has learnt Chhota Khayal in about thirty five Ragas and is able to present at least 18 Ragas with Swar Vistar Aalap and Taan. The student is able to sing Bada Khayals with Aalap and Taan in Yaman, Bhairav, Bhupali, Bihag, Bageshri, Malkauns and one Thumri composition in Des or Khamaj. The student is able to compose Sargam Geet/Tarana in the Ragas learnt set to different basic Taals.

Raga Jaijaivanti Bada Khayal
  • Introduction to Raga Jaijaivanti
  • Raga Characteristics of Raga Jaijaivanti
  • Raga Jaijaivanti Swar Sadhana and Swar Vistar
  • Paltas in Jaijaivanti
  • Raga Jaijaivanti Bada Khayal Bandish
  • Raga Jaijaivanti Bada Khayal Aalap and Taan
Raga Jaijaivanti Chhota Khayal
  • Raga Jaijaivanti Chhota Khayal Bandish
  • Raga Jaijaivanti Chhota Khayal Aalap and Taan
Raga Darbari Chhota Khayal
  • Introduction to Raga Darbari
  • Raga Characteristics of Darbari
  • Swar Vistar in Darbari
  • Paltas in Darbari
  • Raga Darbari Chhota Khayal Bandish
  • Raga Darbari Chhota Khayal Aalap and Taan
Raga Darbari Bada Khayal
  • Raga Darbari Bada Khayal Bandish
  • Raga Darbari Bada Khayal Aalap
  • Raga Darbari Bada Khayal Layakari and Taan
Ragaang Paddhati
  • Ragaang Paddhati
  • List of Ragaang Ragas and their characteristics
Margi and Desi Sangeet
  • References in Shastras
  • Desi Sangeet
  • Margi Sangeet
  • The musical forms existing today

The student is able to

  • Sing Raga Darbari with appropriate use of Gamaks
  • Present the Chhota Khayal in Darbari with development ,  Aalap and Taan 
  • Visualise and compare the mood boards of Raga Darbari and Raga Adana
  • Present Bada Khayal in Raga Jaijaivanti with Aalap and Taan
  • Identify and distinguish similar Ragas learnt 
  • Write and present a paper on Margi and Desi Sangeet