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Raga Jaunpuri is a Raga which is similar to Asavari in substance. This course starts with Swar Sadhana in Jaunpuri Swaras. The Chhota Khayal in this Raga is reviewed. The essence of this Raga is explored by learning a Bada Khayal with Aalap and Taan development. Swar Sadhana exercises include singing Alankar in all 10 Thaats. Raga Gaud Sarang with the zig zag Swar Chalan and the emphasis on Shuddh Gandhar is as fresh as cool breeze. A Chhota Khayal is learnt in this Raga. Raga Bageshri Bada Khayal is learnt in this course. We have been singing different moring Ragas in the last two courses. A consolidated study of Ragas starting from the SandhiPrakash time and the morning concert Ragas and looked at in the light of the time theory of Ragas.

Theory – Raga Lakshanas(Griha Amsha Nyas), Notating the Bada Khayal in Bhatkhande Swar lipi. Raga Descriptions of 10 Aashray Ragas.

Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


  • To do Swar Sadhana with Jaunpuri Swaras.
  • To do Swar Sadhana with Aaroh Avaroh of the 10 Thaats.
  • To learn the Raga Chalan of Jaunpuri, Swar Vistar and Paltas
  • To compose a Sargam Geet in Todi or Jaunpuri
  • To learn Bada Khayal in Jaunpuri with Aalap and Taan
  • To review Raga Asavari
  • To learn a Chhota Khayal in Raga Gaud Sarang with Aalap and Taan
  • To review the Chhota Khayal in Bageshri and learn a Bada Khayal
  • To create the mood boards of Raga Todi and Raga Asavari
  • To learn about the ten Raga Lakshanas and the relevance in today’s Raga system.



The student has completed HV306 at the academy OR the student has learnt Chhota Khayal in about thirty Ragas and is able to present at least 16 Ragas with Swar Vistar Aalap and Taan. The student is able to sing Bada Khayals with Aalap in Yaman, Bhairav, Bhupali, Bihag, Bageshri, Malkauns and one Thumri composition in Des or Khamaj. The student is able to compose Sargam Geet/Tarana in the Ragas learnt set to different basic Taals.

Raga Jaunpuri Bada Khayal
  • Raga Jaunpuri Introduction
  • Raga Characteristics of Jaunpuri
  • Raga Jaunpuri Swar Vistar
  • Raga Jaunpuri Paltas
  • Raga Jaunpuri Bada Khayal Bandish
  • Raga Jaunpuri Bada Khayal Aalap
  • Raga JaunpuriBada Khayal Taan
Raga Jaunpuri Chhota Khayal Review
  • Raga Jaunpuri Chhota Khayal Bandish
  • Raga Jaunpuri Chhota Khayal Aalap
  • Raga Jaunpuri Chhota Khayal Taan
Raga Jaunpuri Chaturang
  • Raga Jaunpuri Chaturang
Raga GaudSarang
  • Introduction to Raga Gaud Sarang
  • Raga Gaud Sarang Raga Characteristics
  • Raga Gaud Sarang Chhota Khayal
Ten Raga Lakshanas
  • A brief introduction to the Shastras
  • References to the concept of Ragas in Shastras
  • Definition and description of a Raga
10 Ashraya Ragas
  • 10 Thaats Recap
  • Raga characteristics of the 10 Ashray Ragas
Raga Bageshri Bada Khayal
  • Raga Bageshri characteristics
  • Raga Bageshri Swar Viatar
  • Bageshri Bada Khayal Bandish
  • Bageshri Bada Khayal Aalap
  • Bageshri Bada Khayal Layakari concepts- Bol Taan and Taan

The student is able to

  • Present the Chhota Khayal and Bada Khayal with development in Jaunpuri
  • Demonstrate the Aaroh Avaroh of the 10 Thaats
  • Present the Sargam Geet composition in Todi or Jaunpuri
  • Present Raga roop of GaudSarang
  • Present the Chhota Khayl in Raga Gaud Sarang
  • Present Asavari Chhota Khayal with development
  • Present raga Bageshri Chhota Khayal and Bada Khayal
  • Visualise and compare the mood boards of Raga Todi and Raga Asavari
  •  Identify 10 Ashray Ragas and describe their characteristics