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5 week(s)
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Ga is the level that reviews courses HV201 to HV205 and assesses the progress of the student. This course helps the student to prepare for this level examination by giving the necessary guidelines. The course includes Ragas Yaman and Bhupali  Bada Khayal presentation with Aalap and complete presentations of Chhota Khayal in these Ragas and the Ragas that have been introduced and practiced under these courses. The students own compositions are included for assessment.  

The Raga descriptions are to be studied. Music theory includes- Thaat system of classification, Time theory, Types of composition, Details of compositional aspects, Raga Lakshanas applied, Biography of Pt. V .N. Bhatkhande.

Course Format

This course has contact review sessions and a session scheduled for the viva-voce. The theory examination is to be completed by completing the online assessment. 


To practice the Ragas for presentation


To practice student's own composition


To study the theoretical concepts and Raga characteristics

To prepare for written work as well as demonstrations

The student has completed HV205 at the academy. The student completed Sa and Re level examinations. 

Ragas to be performed
  • Bada Khayal
  • Chhota Khayal
Theoretical studies
  • Music Theory
  • Biographies
  • Raga characteristics

Present the Bada Khayal and Chhota Khayal in Raga Bhupali and Yaman


Present complete Chhota Khayal in the Raagas prescribed



Present own composition


Demonstrate and explain the theoretical concepts and Raga characteristics


Write on the theoretical concepts discussed through this course