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This course is ideal for students looking to take their first steps into the world of Western Classical Music (Piano). The course aims at providing a strong foundation where learning is a process of constant discovery. The student acquires the ability to use basic elements of music (melody and rhythm) to improvise musical phrases. The course will lay the foundation for acquiring clarity of pitch, rhythm and teach how to focus on the stability of the note and match time perfectly with the Metronome. The student develops listening, reading & playing skills with an exploratory outlook in addition to acquiring knowledge. The Trinity College of London book has got study material, reference reading material and listening material. The variety of Lallaby, Jingle Songs and Bollywood songs are included as an external repetoir for the student to gain exposure to the richness of universal music. Two Trinity Pieces are learnt. The student learns compose a simple tune on their own giving them a joy of creation.


- To understand how to use the basic elements of music, notes and rhythm, in play
- To develop pitch clarity & Rhythm Clapping
- To acquaint the Student Music Theory concepts for Trinity Grade 1
- To learn to focus on playing pieces, Exercise of Trinity Grade 1
- To initiate Aural Skills learning by identifying Time Signatures

- To build awareness of different genres of music
- To learn to play Accidentals (Sharps, Flats and Natural)
- To be introduce technical skills like Scales & Broken Chords (D Major, F#minor)
- To understand, musical knowledge as per Trinity Grade 1, to identify & play Dynamics (p-piano & f-forte); Articulations (Legato, Staccato, Phrase line, Ties, Accent Mark)
- To equipe student to prepare for Trinity Grade 2 Exam

Student should be more than 9 years old.

Student must be interested in learning musical instrument and curiosity to discover the joy of learning.

Student must have completed WCP103 from SMA or should have basic understanding of reading sheet music (G Clef/ F Clef), Time Signature, Semiquavers

Practical: (Pieces and Aural Skills)
  • Playing Trinity Grade 2 exam 1st Piece

- Play Major Scales & Minor Scales with the understanding of the placement of finger positions
-Play ONE piece of Trinity Initial Grade 2 Examination

-Play THREE execises of Trinity Initial Grade Examination

-Create simple composition on staff with both Treble & Bass Clef