USD 399


USD 399


Course duration
12 week(s)
Max class size
Study Hours Per Week
3 - 5
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This course is ideal for students, who have basic knowledge of reading Western Classical Music (Piano). The student showing and interest to use basic elements of music (melody and rhythm) with harmony to improvise musical phrases. The course will give insight into Reading, Understanding and Playing Trinity Initial Grade Exam Pieces and Exercises. Students shall also learn how to read and play perfectly with the Metronome as well as develops listening, reading & playing skills with an exploratory outlook in additionl to acquiring knowledge. This course shall make students eligible to appear for Trinity College of London (TCL) Exams Grade 1(Piano) &/or Grade 1(Theory). Study material used for the course reference is TCL exam books only. Additionally, Western Classical Music shall be included as an external repetoir for the student to perform as Pianist. THREE Trinity Pieces are learnt and THREE Exercises are leant in the course along with Technical Skills (Scales & Broken Chords). The student learns composing a tune on Grand Staff on through the process of learning dynamics & articulations giving them a joy of music creation.


- To build awareness of different genres of music

- To learn to play Accidentals (Sharps, Flats and Natural)

- To be introduce Major Scales & Relative minors (G Major, F Major with relative minors)

- To understand, identify & play Dynamics (mp- mezzo piano & mf- mezzo forte);

- To understand, identify & play Articulations (Accent mark, Crescendo, Diminuendo, Fermata)

- To learn & play basic sheet music

Anyone above the age of 8 yrs. Interested in learning musical instrument and curiosity to discover the joy of learning. Student must have finish Course 102 or must having basic knowledge of playing, reading sheet music .

Theory: (Musical Knowledge)
  • Intervals
  • Tones & Semitones
  • Major Scales & Relative minors
  • Chords and Arpeggios
  • Articulations and Expressions in sheet music
  • Dynamics & Tempo Markings & Metronome Mark
  • Recognising Key Signature
  • Clapping Rhythm of the Bar
Technical Work
  • G Major Scale (Similar Motion & Contrary Motion)
  • Broken chords - One Octave
  • E Minor Scale (Similar Motion & Contrary Motion)
  • F Major Scale (Similar Motion & Contrary Motion)
  • D Minor Scale (Similar Motion & Contrary Motion)
Classical Piece
  • Sight Reading
  • Hands Together
  • New Time Signatures
Contemporary Piece
  • Chord Patterns
  • Singing along
  • Accompaniment
Practical: (Playing, Aural Skills)
  • Playing Trinity Grade 1 Exam 1st piece
  • Playing Trinity Grade 1 Scales & Broken Chords
  • Sight Reading
  • Recognising Legato and Staccato
  • Recognising Time Signature and Meter
  • Recognising Change in Pitch and Intervals
  • Playing Trinity Grade 1 Exam 2nd piece
  • Playing Trinity Grade 1 Exam 3rd piece
  • Playing Trinity Grade 1 2nd Exercise
  • Playing Trinity Grade 1 3rd Exercise

- Play THREE Piano Pieces and THREE Piano Exercises from TCL Grade 1 Examination

- Read and Write Western Classical Music according to Grade 1 Music Theory Exam (TCL)