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This module introduces the student the centerpiece of dance music viz. pada varnam, composed by a contemporary master. A magnum opus composition in an expansive traditional raga is also studied as required learning in any intermediate/advanced carnatic music study. The module is rounded off by a smaller composition set in a rakti, or phrase-laden raga.


One of the objectives of the course is to have students get acquainted with compositions of great composers such as Bhadrachala Ramdas,Sadshiva brahmendra, Muthiah Bhagavatar,  Maharaja Sawthi thirunal, Ambuja krishana along with the Trinity composers. The course also aims at introducing and training students to sing proficiently in rare ragams such as Yadukulakambothi, Simhavahini, Vijayashri, Gowlipanthu and many more. The 3 compositions chosen in this course CV302 are ones in which student learns a Padavarnam in raga Charukeshi,a swarajathi in Bhairavi and a kriti in ragam Vachaspathi each and ragam,niraval, kalpana swara to Vachaspathi. 

Learning Outcomes

After completing CV302 the student will be able to
- understand a sub-set of the lyrical and rhythmic predicates employed in dance composition by Lalgudi Jayaraman, the most popular modern composer of the genre
-  learn one of the most treasured compositions in Bhairavi, composed by Syama Sastri, one of the musical Trinity. The student will be encouraged to explore the raga side by side with the vaunted ‘Bhairavi varnam’ that was composed by Syama Sastri’s mentor
- learn Vachaspathi a raga which is 64th melaraga.

Student should have finished advanced level CV302.

  • Charukesi Pada varnam - Lalgudi Jayaraman – Adi
  • Kanthajudumi-Vachaspati – Adi – Thyagaraja
  • Kamakshi swarajathi – Bhairavi – M. Chapu –Shri Shyama Shastri
  • Ragalakshana of Charukesi
  • Katapayadi Sutra