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The module is loaded with a Pancharatna composition in Aarabhi.As the name itself suggests, there are 5 compositions which are composed exclusively in 'Ghana ragas'.This module encompasses a Muthutandavar composition along with manodharma sangeetha.


One of the objectives of the course is to have students get acquainted with compositions of great composers such as Bhadrachala Ramdas,Sadshiva brahmendra, Muthiah Bhagavatar,  Maharaja Sawthi thirunal, Ambuja krishana along with the Trinity composers. The course also aims at introducing and training students to sing proficiently in rare ragams such as Yadukulakambothi, Simhavahini, Vijayashri, Gowlipanthu and many more. The 3 compositions chosen in this course CV303 are ones in which student learns a kriti in raga Dhanyasi,Arabhi and Andolika each and ragam,niraval, kalpana swara to these ragas. 

Learning Outcomes

After completing CV303 the student will be able to 

- appreciate why some compositions especially of Thyagaraja’s have been traditionally elevated to the status of center piece due to a combination of raga, tala and sahitya
- study a composition’s tonal merit, raga lakshana and simple but profound lyrics, thus cementing a permanent place in the thukkada, or light segment of a Carnatic concert.

-appreciate uniqueness of compositions such as 'Pancharatna kritis'.

Student should have finished CV302

  • Balakrishna – Dhanyasi – Adi - Papanasam sivan
  • Sadinchene – Arabhi - Adi – Thiagaraja
  • Sevika vendum - Andolika – Adi – Muthuthandavar
  • Ragalakshana of Dhanyasi
  • Ragalakshana of Andolika
  • Music of post trinity period