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Patterning and recognizing patterns in songs

My daughter is enrolled for the HV101 course. She is making patterns and is learning the pentatonic scale. However is there a resource available somewhere where we can identify which patterns are used in the songs that are formed with pentatonic and other patterns? None of us are educated in music, so it is hard for us to understand the theory and link the patterns to the actual sound and tune of the song in that pattern. Can someone point us to a resource we can use for learning to relate the patterns learnt to songs. So as an example, how do I identify what patterns are used in the song, "Prathamana mana gananayaka charana". Thank you for your help.

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Hi, I'm in Hv 102 right now and here are some tips: Tell your daughter to sing the bandish( prathamana) in aakar. Using that,sing the swar sadhana aroha and avaroha. Pra from prathamana begins with higher sa.To find this out,sing only pra. It's high.And that pitch matches the aakar of the note higher sa,using this technique I did this.This will help you... good luck, Aditi Jagtap :)

Aditi Jagtap 2016-12-10