How SMA is Empowered by CloodOn’s Technology

Written by Sridhar Ranganathan on 10 July 2017



Creating solutions that can scale to help the masses has been my mantra. It is a realization that comes through years of experience that is easy to invent something cool and produce one version, however, to be able to provide the same solution to the next 100, 1000, ten million and so on is a whole different ball game.

CloodOn - the underlying technology platform for the Shankar Mahadevan Academy was born out of the idea to help teachers and students gain proficiency through well-produced content and a way to measure progress - and repeat. It is often that we find a lot of people who have a gold medal in their degree, yet not able to explain the simple fundamentals of a simple topic to a beginner. It is often that we find a lot of people who want to give their knowledge, share their competence and yet constrained by traffic, geography, time zones and simply not knowing who may need their competence. The Internet has changed all that and CloodOn’s fundamental quest to connect competence from around the world took shape through various institutions that are supported on its cutting edge online infrastructure.

Shankar Mahadevan Academy is one of the institutions on CloodOn. It was as simple an idea to find a solution for connecting competence in various genres of music. For example - a girl growing up in the far corners of Minnesota can experience the joy of learning Carnatic music from a teacher who is perhaps 12 time zones away and half way around the earth; a senior citizen who wants to connect back with her music - that was shelved long ago, as life took over in caring for the young ones or making a career.. It can even be a simple example where a student in Kalyan can learn from a teacher in Dadar and save a good 2-3 hours of travel.

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