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12 week(s)
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Rama Navami is the day to celebrate the birth of Lord Sri Rama. Just the chanting of the name Rama has great significance. Singing songs dedicated to Rama best express the joy experienced while welcoming the Divine into this world. The first song is in Sanskrit and the second one is a well known Marathi song.


Course Format

This course has 12 instructor led sessions. The 12th session is the performance session.




  • To do Swar Sadhana with Shuddh Swaras.
  • To learn the Bhajan Jaya Jayati
  • To learn Taal Rupak and Dadra
  • To learn the song Rama Janmala
  • To learn the meanings of compositions
  • To sing the songs within the Taal structure with an insight into emotions conveyed by these songs

The student needs to complete HV105 at the Academy OR has completed an equivalent learning level.

Age: 10 and above 

Jaya Jayati Jaya
  • Jaya Jayati Jaya words with explanation
  • Taal Rupak
  • Jaya Jayati Jaya learning
Rama Janmala
  • Rama Janmala words and explanation
  • Taal Dadra
  • Rama Janmala Learning

The student is able to

  • Sing different Swara patterns and Alankar that aid Swar Sadhana and skill development
  • Present Jaya Jayati in Sur and Taal
  • Present Rama Janmala with Sur and Taal
  • Introduce the songs with meaning of words