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The workshop will teach you the basics of proper use of the voice for singing. It will teach about voice production and the importance of breathing techniques required for singing. It will guide you to find your ideal pitch and also simple techniques to expand the range of your voice. It will also enable to use your voice with more ease and also through all this prevent any voice issues that may arise from wrong use of voice and prevent voice strain. You will also learn to balance the pitch loudness and resonance of voice so that one can learn to sing songs in various pitches.  

Course Format

In the advanced version of the voice workshop one learns to build on more skills now that proper and easy use of voice as been learned through proper use of the breath.

The skills that one will learn are:

  • The head voice
  • Expansion of range by combining chest and head voice  
  • Learning to increase flexibility
  • Learning to bring in melody and emotions in the voice
  • Learning to do projection and bring in power in the voice.  


This workshop provides you an introduction to:

  • Theory of voice production
  • The art and craft of deep breathing and its application in singing
  • The parameters of voice and how to use them in singing 
  • Identifying one’s ideal pitch
  • Basic voice care dos and don’ts

 This workshop is open to everyone above the age of 13. You do not require prior experience in learning music, although basic swara knowledge would be useful to have. 
Voice production
  • Basic breathing techniques and warm ups for singers
  • Resonance and modulation techniques for expressive singing
  • Introduction to additional skills such as head voice and transitioning.
Voice Exercises
  • Exercises to use your voice to its optimal capacity

 At the end of the workshop student would have learned and understood all the aspects of proper voice use learned to do deep breathing and also use it in singing, identified his ideal pitch and also expanded his vocal range through the balance of loudness pitch and resonance and also some basic voice care tips.