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Santo Andhadhund Andhiyara' is a Bhajan where Kabir says ,'when there is darkness evrywhere find the light within oneself'. This song has been set to a lilting folk based tune by Smt.Bharati Balakrishnan in her album'Sagun Nirgun'

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Skill Level HV104

About Kabir
  • Brief introdution to Sant Kabir Das and his work
Santo Andhadhund Andhiyara
  • Poetry
  • Meaning
Santo Andhadhund Andhiyara learning
  • Santo Mukkda learning
  • Santo Antara i and 2 learning
  • Santo Swaras- improvisation
  • Santon Andhadhund Andhiyara- Practice
Part 3 (Antara)
  • notation & teaching
  • practice
Putting it all together