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The Raga deep dive courses are aimed at internalising Raga concepts. Raga Shree leaves a student with no option but deep dive. This Raga can be identified distinctly, the unique melody takes shape not just by the Swara Samoohas but the Shrutis or microtones. This is true with the Ragadaari Sangeet. Raga Shree is a deeply meditative evening Raga, with rich emotional content. The Raga demands a voice culture and Samskaras with unusual combinations of Swaras. This can be achieved by singing a variety of patterns of Paltas. Listening and absorbing the Raga into ones system is essential for Ragas like Shree.The Aalap Badahat is sung in all three Saptaks. The Bandishes chosen for learning would help the student to visualise the persona of this Raga.

Theory - Raga characteristics of Shree, Shreee Ragaang.

Course Format

Raga Characteristics of Shree

Raga Vistar in Shree

Bada Khayal in  Shree

Chhota Khayal in Shree

Shree Ragaang


To practise singing the Raga chalan of Shree

To do Swar Sadhana in Raga Shree 

To create and sing the Swar Vistar in Shree

To learn and practise singing the Paltas in Shree

To learn a Chhota Khayal with Aalap and Taan in Raga Shree

To review the Chhota Khayal already learnt in Shree(if any) 

To learn a Bada Khayal in Raga Shree

To sing Aalap within the Bada Khayal in the range of all three Saptaks

To sing different Layakari patterns with the Bol of the Bada Khayal

To sing Sargam and Taan in Bada Khayal

To develop awareness about Ragas Shree Ang Ragas

Learning Outcomes

 The student is able to 

Demonstrate the Raga chalan of Shree

Sing the  Swar Vistar in Shree with Meend and perfect Shrutis 

Sing the Paltas in  Shree fluently

Present the Chhota Khayal in Raga Shree with development in Aalap and Taan Vistar 

Present the Bada Khayal in perfect Sur , Taal and expression

Present the Bada Khayal Aalap with essential elements of voice culture and expressions

Present Bol Taan, Sargam and Taan with the Bada Khayal

Identify Shree Ang and Shree Ang Ragas by listening

The student has completed HV308 at the academy OR the student has learnt Chhota Khayal in about 25 Ragas with Swar Vistar, Aalap and Taan. The student is able to sing Bada Khayals with Aalap and Taan in Yaman, Bhairav, Bhupali, Bihag, Bageshri, Malkauns, Jaijaivanti, Bhimpalasi, Todi, Darbari

Raga Characteristics of Shree
  • Introduction to Raga Shree
  • Raga description of Shree
Raga Vistar in Shree
  • Principles of Swar Vistar in Shree
  • Paltas in Shree
Chhota Khayal in Shree
  • Shree Chhota Khayal Bandish
  • Shree Chhota Khayal Aalap and Bol Aalap
  • Shree Chhota Khayal Taan
Bada Khayal in Shree
  • Shree Bada Khayal Bandish
  • Shree Bada Khayal Aalap and Bol Aalap
  • Shree Bada Khayal Bol Taan and Taan
Shree Ragaang
  • Description of Ragaang Shree
  • Ragas which originate from the Ragaang