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"I am very happy to bring to you a composition by my beloved Guru, Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan, in the Raga Khambavati. My disciple, Pratima Bellave, will be teaching you this song in a pre-recorded lesson." - Lalith J. Rao"

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Learn the Bandish, Beeti Jaat Sagari Umariya, by listening to the audio recording, by a disciple of Vidushi Lalith J. Rao

The audio recording includes the Raga Chalan and Improvisation with the Bandish.



• A student who has learnt Hindustani Classical Music for at least nine years , OR
• A student who has completed the HV401 course in Shankar Mahadevan Academy
• A student who has completed the Alankar Pratham of the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya



Beeti Jaat Sagari Umariya - Raga Khambavati
  • Bandish in Raga Khambavati - Beeti Jaat Sagari Umariya
  • Notation for the Bandish - Beeti Jaat Sagari Umariya
  • Listening to Beeti Jaat Sagari Umariya
  • Raga Chalan and Improvisation