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Pitch also known as Shruthi is the foundation for music and is an important aspect for learners and performers. This is what keeps all the musicians in sync while performing and provides a delightful experience for the audience to listen. In this course, the student learns the importance of Pitch, its relevance in music, how to sing in a particular pitch and be able to sing with the Tanpura/Shruthi box, which is an instrument used in Indian music as a pitch reference. The course begins with the basic reference note 'Sa' and progress to provide an understanding of all the seven notes Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni. The student also learns to identfy Sa Pa Sa for a particular pitch or given any pitch reference. Course winds up with the student being able to sing an entire song with pitch reference maintaining the shruthi throught out the song and furthermore trying to sing the song for different pitch references.


Course Format

Teacher Led

Duration: 12 weeks



  • Learning about Pitch/Shruthi
  • Learning to use the Tanpura/drone
  • Understanding the seven notes in Indian music and sing with shruthi
  • Achieve to sing Sa Pa Sa with pitch reference
  • Achieve to sing SRGMPDNS with pitch reference
  • Achieve to sing a song with pitch reference 


Pick your best pitch for the best output and voice projection. 

Sing Mukhda and one antara of a song - along with tanpura & metronome in the below mentioned beat patterns. 

Set the metronome to a three beat and sing a three beat song and set the metronome to a four beat pattern and sing a four beat song.

- a three beat song - example: piyu bole

- a four beat song - example: koi kahe kehta rahe

Note: These are just example songs, students are free to choose their language/genre/style (could be devotional/folk/filmi/non filmi/semi classical/indian/western/any genre song). Add modulation/emotion to suit the mood of the song ( happy sad/dance/melancholy) Optionally, add your own creative variations to the song if you can think of any.

Introduction to Shruti
  • Shruti in Indian Classical Music
  • Pitch and Intonation
  • How to find your pitch
Singing Sa Pa Sa
  • Sing Sa Pa Sa in different pitches
  • Connecting the notes
Octaves or Sthayis
  • Madhyama Sthayi, Mandra Sthayi, Taar Sthyai
  • Sur Sadhana
Singing in Different Pitches
  • Singing in Different Pitches
After completion of this course, student will be able to sing in a particular pitch and this will result in:
  • Better knowledge of Indian music, pitch/shruthi, Tanpura, drone
  • Ability to identify Sa Pa Sa for a given reference pitch
  • Ability to sing the seven musical notes with pitch reference
  • Maintain Shruthi throughout a song while performing 
  • Preparedness to sing a song in a given pitch
  • Readiness to take on more courses in any Indian musical genre