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Nagumomu is a popular composition of Shri Thyagaraja in raga Hamsanada.

In this composition Shri Thyagaraja says he misses Lod Raama's charming smile-lit face.Knowing Thyagaraja swamy asks Lord raama to protect him through this kriti.


To learn a beautiful composition of Shri Thyagaraja in raga Abheri.

Introduction to raga Abheri
  • Introduction to raga Abheri
  • Nagumomu-Pallavi
  • Nagumomu-Anupallavi
  • Nagumomu-Charana
Nagumomu Performance
  • Nagumomu Performance

To learn Nagumomu kriti set in Abheri with all the sangatis

To know basics of raga Abheri.