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Kinaare Lagao is a Meera Bhajan which expresses profound thought in simple language. This is an attractive melody based on Raga Tilak Kamod, suitable for singing together.

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To develop awareness about Meera and her Bhajans

To understand the jist meaning of Meera's poetry

To develop awareness about the Raga which the song is based on and the Swara mapping

To learn to recite the Theka of Bhajan Taal

To learn the Bhajan Kinare Lagao

Skill Level HV103

Introduction to the Bhajan- Kinare Lagao
  • Meera and her Bhajans
  • Kinare Lagao - meaning
  • Introduction to the Raga
  • Bhajan Taal
Learning the song Kinare Lagao
  • Lyrics of the song Kinare Lagao
  • Swaras of the song Kinare Lagao
  • Performance of the Bhajan Kinare Lagao

The student is able to

present the Bhajan Kinare Lagao in perfect melody and rhythm