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Meera is the revered and loved saint poet of the Bhakti era. She wrote songs on devotion and her pursuit to spirituality was path breaking. Her love for Krishna is unparalleled. This song describes the pain of seperation of the soul or Atman from the Divine. "Who will I play Holi with? " asks Meera.  'Kenu Sanga Kheloon Holi ' has been composed and sung by various artists. Hridaynath Mangeshkar has composed this Bhajan in Raga Yaman, has been sung by Lataji. This course reviews basics of Raga Yaman before learning the song.

Course Format

Review Raga Yaman

Introduction to the song Kenu Sang

Learning the song Kenu Sang





To develop awareness about Meera and her Bhajans

To understand the jist meaning of Meera's poetry

To develop awareness about the Raga which the song is based on and the Swara mapping

To learn the Bhajan 'Kenu Sanga '

To practice singing the Bhajan with Taal 

Learning outcomes

The student is able to

present the Bhajan 'Kenu Sanga' in perfect melody and rhythm

Skill Level HV205

Review Raga Yaman
  • Swar Sadhana with Yaman Swaras
  • Swar Vistar in Yaman
Introduction to the song- Kenu Sang
  • The song 'Kenu Sang' - composition and composer
  • The Bhajan 'Kenu Sang' - meaning
Learning the song Kenu Sang
  • Lyrics of the song 'Kenu Sang'
  • Swaras of the song Kenu Sang
  • Performance of the Bhajan Kenu Sang