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This set of courses have been designed for students with passion to sing. The students would be facilitated to learn musical concepts and techniques through a variety of song compositions. The songs are based on Hindustani Music with influences of devotional and folk music. These courses bring to you the valuable treasure of compositions by legendary saint poets and composers . This course HV1002 includes Guru Shoka and Guru Vandana, A Meera Bhajan and a Kirtan on BHagwan Shri Krishna.  



  • To learn the Guru Vandana
  • To learn the Meera Bhajan Kinare Lagaao
  • To learn the Kirtan Radhe Govinda Gopala
  • To learn the aspects of Laya and Taal
  • To learn about the composers of the songs learnt
  • To do basic vocal exercises with seven Shuddh Swaras in Aakar 


This course does not define a skill based pre requisites; the colloection of songs is based on Hindustani Music. It is suggested that students complete the course HV1001 and continue learning in the suggested sequence.


Guru Vandana
  • Guru Shloka
  • Guru Vandana Learning
  • Guru Vandana Practice
  • Taa lDhumali
Kinaare Lagaao
  • Kinaare Lagaao Poetry
  • Kinaare Lagaao Learning
  • Kinaare Lagaao Practice
  • Taal Bhajani
  • Meera
Radhe Govinda Gopala
  • Radhe Govina Kirtan
  • RAdhe Govinda learning
  • Radhe Govinda Practice

The student is able to:

  • present the Guru Vandana
  • present the Meera Bhajan Kheti Karo
  • present the Kirtan Radhe Govinda Gopala
  • do basic practice exercises with Shuddh Swaras