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12 week(s)
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This set of courses have been designed for students with passion to sing. The students would be facilitated to learn musical concepts and techniques through a variety of song compositions. Hindustani Classical Music is like an ancient Banyan tree which encompasses various styles of Music under its umbrella. Bhakti Sangeet is one such stream of Music. Bhajan compositions could be Raga based or may not adhere to Raga structure, the focus being on expression of the lyrical content effectively. This course brings three songs that are simple in structure and melodious to perform. 



  • To learn the Ganesh Vandana
  • To learn the Kabir Bhajan Kheti Karo
  • To learn the Tarangam Ehi Mudam Dehi
  • To learn the aspects of Laya and Taal
  • To learn about the composers of the songs learnt
  • To do basic vocal exercises with seven Shuddh Swaras in Aakar 


This course does not have skill based pre requisites; the colloection of songs is based on Hindustani Music. Students with love for singing could enroll.


Ganesh Vandana
  • Ganesh Vandana poetry
  • Ganesh Vandana learning
  • Ganesh Vandana Practice
  • Taal Bhajani
Kheti Karo
  • Kheti Karo Poetry
  • Kheti Karo learning
  • Kheti Karo Practice
  • Taal Keherva
  • Kabir
Ehi Mudam Dehi(Tarangam)
  • Ehi Mudam poetry
  • Ehi Mudam learning
  • Ehi Mudam Practice
  • Bhajani

The student is able to:

  • present the Ganesh Vandana
  • present the Kabir Bhajan Kheti Karo
  • present the Tarangam Ehi Mudam Dehi