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12 week(s)
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The four Ragas, Desi, Bhatiyar, Ahir Bhairav and Vibhas are all morning Ragas and will be studied in the context of their distinctive features. Desi and Bhatiyar are both Vakra Ragas, their characteristic movement has twisted ascending and descending Swara patterns and are identified by specific Swara phrases. Vibhas is sung either with a Komal Dhaivat or a Shuddha Dhaivat and is then, which makes it a completely different entity but with the same name. Ahir Bhairav is a straightforward Raga in comparison, but with note placements that are different from the parent Raga Bhairav that have to be achieved skillfully. The comparative study of these four Ragas with similar Ragas highlights the nuanced evolution of the Raga Dhaari system of Indian classical music. Theory – Bhairav Prakar, Review Thaat system,Review Classification of Ragas

Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


  • To sing Swar Aalap in the Ragas Desi, Bhatiyar, Ahir Bhairav and both types of Vibhas
  • To learn a Bada Khayal and Chhota Khayal with development in Desi
  • To learn a Bada Khayal and Chhota Khayal in Raga Ahir Bhairav
  • To learn a Bada Khayal and a Chhota Khayal in Bhatiyar
  • To learn a Bada Khayal and a Chhota Khayal in Vibhas
  • To apply the principles of Vakra Chalan in Ragas like Desi

 Learning Outcomes

The student is able to

  • Present the Raga Ahir Bairav for 45 min
  • Present Bada Khayals and Chhota Khayals in Ragas Desi, Vibhas and Bhatiyar for at least 30 min
  • Present the Raga Aalap of Vibhas with Komal Rishabh
  • Present a paper on Classification of Ragas

The student has completed HV406 at the academy OR the student has learnt Hindustani Vocal for at least 9.5 years. The student needs to fulfill the pre requisites set by the academy.

Raga Desi
  • Introduction to Raga Desi
  • Raga Characteristics of Desi
  • Expressions of Desi in different styles
  • Bada Khayal in Desi
  • Chhota Khayal in Desi
Raga Ahir Bhairav
  • Introduction to Raga Ahir Bhairav
  • Raga Characteristics of Ahir Bhairav
  • Popularity of Ahir Bhairav
  • Bada Khayal in Ahir Bhairav
  • Chhota Khayal in Ahir Bhairav
Raga Vibhas
  • Introduction to Raga Vibhas(Shuddh Dhaivat)
  • Raga Characteristics of Vibhas
  • Chhota Khayal in Vibhas
Raga Bhatiyar
  • Introduction to Raga Bhatiyar
  • Raga Characteristics of Bhatiyar
  • Bada Khayal in Bhatiyar
  • Chhota Khayal in Bhatiyar
Bhairav ke Prakar
  • History connected to Bhairav Ragang
  • An Overview of Bhairav family Ragas
Classification of Ragas, analysis
  • Thaat system
  • Raga Ragini system
  • Ragang system
  • Relevence