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Course duration
12 week(s)
Max class size
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The development of each Raga learnt is detailed and the student is encouraged to sing extempore Swar Vistar and Aalap. Swar Sadhana is done with Aakar, Uukar and Mmkar. Raga Poorvi is the first Raga introduced in this course. The Raga descriptions are based on the listening experience and mood boards are created for the two Aashray Ragas Poorvi and Marva. Raga Marva is revisited. The second Raga learnt is the lively evening Raga Hameer. The Swar Vistar is done with an insight into the Raga characteristics. Kedar is taken up for comparative study with Hameer. Theory – Raga characteristics studied along with the emotions by a Raga. Comparison of learnt Ragas with Carnatic Ragas. Structure of a Vilambit Khayal and a Dhrupad.

Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


  • To do Swar Sadhana with Aakar, Uukar, Mmkar. To practice different Gamak - Khatka, Murki and Taan
  • To learn the Raga Chalan of Raga Poorvi
  • To learn a Chhota Khayal in Raga Poorvi with Aalap and Taan
  • To listen to Raga Poorvi and Marva and describe the Ragas
  • To listen to the Carnatic equivalents of Poorvi and Marva
  • To sing Marva Chhota Khayal
  • To study Raga Hameer
  • To compare Hameer and Kedar
  • To learn a Chhota Khayal in Hameer with Aalap and Taan
  • To do Raga Pehchan exercises



The student has completed HV210 at the academy OR The student has learnt Chhota Khayal in about fifteen Ragas and is able to present at least 10 Ragas with Swar Vistar Aalap and Taan. The student is able to sing Bada Khayals with Aalap in Yaman, Bairav, Bhupali and Bihag

  • Tanpura Theory
  • Tuning of Tanpura
  • Tanpura Video
  • Tanpura Glossary
Thaat and Ragas
  • 10 Thaats as a System of Classification of Ragas
  • Practicing the Swaras of the 10 Scales
  • Aashray Ragas and Janya Ragas
Gamak Ke Prakar
  • Types of Gamaks
  • Practice of Gamaks
Raga Purvi
  • Introduction to Raga Purvi
  • Purvi Raga Characteristics
  • Purvi and Marva- Comparison of Ashray Ragas
  • Purvi Chhota Khayal
  • Purvi Aalap and Taan
Raga Hameer
  • Introduction to Raga Hameer
  • Hameer Raga Characteristics
  • Hameer and Kedar - Sam Prakruti Ragas
  • Hameer Chhota Khayal
  • Hameer Aalap and Taan
Raga Tilak Kamod revisit
  • Teerath Ko Sab Kare
Carnatic and Hindustani Ragas
  • Carnatic and Hindustani systems
  • Raga Rachana systems
  • Vyankatmakhi's 72 Melakartas
  • Bhatkhande's 10 Thaats

The student is able to

  • Sing Swar Vistar in Raga Poorvi
  • Present a Chhota Khayal in Poorvi with Aalap and Taan
  • Present the Chhota Khayal in Marva with Swar Vistar, Aalap and Taan
  • Create mood boards with the Raga descriptions of Aashray Ragas Poorvi and Marva
  • Present Raga Marva with improvised Aalap and Taan
  • Present Raga Hameer with Swar Vistar, Chhota Khayal, Aalap and Taan
  • Identify the similarities and differences in Ragas Kedar and Hammer
  • Identify the Ragas learnt by listening