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12 week(s)
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This course is designed for students who have completed GWM105B course. In this course students will guided by our expert instructors in building a strong foundation in the the basic elements of music sur (pitch), taal(rhythm) and bhaav(expression). These elements will be simplified and taught through fun activities and discussions. Students will have fun singing from a repertoire of songs from a wide range of genres which will help them make a choice on the kind of music that appeals to them. 



  • Work towards accuracy and stability in pitch
  • Introduce 12 swaras in a saptak with Shuddha, komal and tivra swar
  • Learn swara patterns with Shuddha and komal swaras
  • Create swara patterns and sing them with appropriate beat pattern
  • Introduction to taal Keherva
  • Introduction to the musical genre Qawwali
  • Learn about the life and work of a famous musician
  • Learn 5 or more age relevant songs in English, Hindi and one Indian/Foreign language song
  • Understand the richness and diversity of music in different regions of the world and get acquainted with the cultural, musical and geographical aspects of a region
  • Cultivate a regular practice routine 


Completion of GWM105B course


  • Swaras
  • Swara patterns
  • Saptak
  • Taal
  • Keherva
  • Qawwali
Life and work of a Famous Musician
  • Life and work of a Famous Musician
  • Hindi song
  • English song
  • Regional song
  • Revision
Summative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment
  • Performance
  • Able to sing the seven swaras with more accuracy and stability in pitch
  • Awareness of difference between shuddha, komal and tivra swar
  • Create swara patterns with shuddha and komal swaras and sing with appropriate beat pattern
  • Understand variations in taal Keherva
  • Learn about the musical genre Qawwali
  • Sing a repertoire of songs in English, Hindi and an Indian/ Foreign language. 
  • Catch a glimpse of a region, its culture, language, food, traditional attire and much more, through an Indian regional language song or a foreign language song