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12 week(s)
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This course is designed for children aged 6 to 8 years, offering them an opportunity to explore and enjoy music like never before. Through this course students will be introduced to the basic elements of music. Musical concepts will be demystified and explained through simple activities and games that make learning fun and engaging.

In addition to musical skills, your child will also develop a deeper appreciation for the richness and diversity of music from India and around the world. Students will be motivated to develop a regular practice routine that will help them maintain their newly acquired skills and continue their musical journey with confidence.



  • Practice swaras with vowel sounds and work towards accuracy and stability in pitch
  • Create swara patterns and sing with appropriate rhythm pattern
  • Learn about instruments in the percussion family
  • Learn about structure of the instrument Tabla and the Bols created on Tabla
  • Create your own theka (rhythm pattern) with Tabla Bols
  • Learn 5 or more age relevant songs in English, Hindi and one Indian/Foreign language song
  • Cultivate a regular practice routine 


Completion of GWM103C course


  • Swaras
  • Origin of swaras
Swara patterns
  • Swara patterns
  • Create swara patterns
  • Swara pattern with rhythm pattern
Percussion family of Instruments
  • Percussion Instruments
Tabla & Tabla Bols
  • Tabla & Tabla Bols
Taal Dadra
  • Taal Dadra
Create and perform
  • Create and perform
  • Revision
Summative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment
  • Able to sing the seven swaras with better accuracy and stability in pitch
  • Create swara patterns and sing them to a rhythm pattern
  • Understand the structure of Tabla and the diffrent bols that can be played on Tabla
  • Create their own theka(rhythm pattern) with Tabla bols
  • Sing a song or short melody to their theka(rhytm pattern)
  • Sing a repertoire of songs in English, Hindi and an Indian/ Foreign language. 
  • Catch a glimpse of a region, its culture, language, food, traditional attire and much more, through a regional song