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The Fundamentals of Guitar is an introductory course designed for students who are taking their first steps to learn the guitar as a musical instrument. The course will introduce the student to the basics of playing music on the guitar, including techniques as well as the concepts necessary to understand, play and make music.


Course Format

◗ Student should be 8 years and above

◗ Student should have their own guitar so that they can practice at home

◗ Interest in music and willingness to learn the instrument as well as practice

GuitarTuna tuning app on their mobile device


◗ To help understand guitar anatomy and concepts along with correct technique necessary to play clearly on the guitar using good posture

◗ To develop an understanding of the concepts of music including scales, chords, rhythm, melody and harmony

◗ To familiarize the student with the basic concept of reading music in the form of guitar tablature

◗ To facilitate the student to play simple melodies and songs in C Major, while relating them to musical concepts being taught

Prerequisite of the course: -

Interest in music and willingness to learn the instrument.

- Student should be 8 years and above

- Student should have a guitar

- GuitarTuna tuning app

Guitar Basics
  • Guitar anatomy and posture
  • Open Strings
  • Guitar Tuning
  • Fretted Notes
  • Plectrum Technique
Rhythm & Notation
  • Guitar Tablature
  • Note Values
  • Note Rests
  • Practicing with a metronome
Basics of Music
  • The Musical Alphabet and Key
  • Basic Intervals - half step, whole step and octave
  • Scales with the C Major Scale
  • Chords with open chords in the key of C Major
  • Single note melodies
  • Chord Progressions
  • Harmony in music
  • Songs using chord progressions
  • Concept of Improvisation

After completion of this course, the student will be able to:

◗ Familiarize themselves with the guitar as a musical instrument

◗ Produce clear notes and chords on the guitar using good posture and correct technique

◗ Define and understand the roles of different musical elements and how they come together

◗ Play simple music in proper time with clarity of sound