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12 week(s)
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The course is for anyone who would like to refresh or revise the course material from Sarali varisais right upto a few swarajathis and geethams. This is a 12 weeks course that will help with going over important basic Carnatic Lessons.

This course covers content from CV101 to CV106 as per the curriculum of Shankar Mahadevan Academy.


1. To go over basic varisais starting with Sarali, janta, dhatu, melsthayi and keezhsthayi varisais

2. To revise and refresh basic geethams that include - the pillari geethams in Malahari, Saveri, Mohana, Kalyani, Ananda Bhairavi

3. Go over two Lakshana Geethams - Kalyani and Jaganmohini

4. Revise 3 swarajathis - Bilahari, Khamas and Ananda Bhairavi

Anyone who has learnt the basics of Carnatic music and needs a revision of important basic exercises and lessons.

Basic Exercises
  • Sarali Varisais
  • Janta Varisais
  • Dhatu Varisais
  • Melsthayi Varisais
  • Keezhsthayi Varisais
  • Malahari Pillari geethams
Lakshana Geetham
  • Jaganmohini
  • Kalyani
  • Ananda Bhairavi
  • Khamas
  • Bilahari