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The Ma Level Exam consists of 2 contact review class for an hour, a written exam (take home assignment) and a viva voce. The Viva voce session is up to 1 hour long. The student will have access to the exam OM Book as soon as they enroll. The actual exam will be scheduled based on the student's convenience and availability of the Curriculum Co-ordinator. The practical Exam is a performance which will be assessed by the Curriculum Co-ordinator. The meeting is arranged using video conferencing. A written examination will test the student's grasp of Music theory, which will be done from home based on the theory portion provided in the OM Book. This exam enables the academy to evaluate the student on imporatant Krithis and Varnams learnt along with being able to sing Basic Manodharam (Raga Alapana, Swara Kalpana and Neraval)

The student is expected to sing all the Varnams in both the speeds and also sing Raga Alapana and Swara Kalpana (first and second speed) for the following Ragas and compositions. Neraval should be sung for any 1 compositions.

1. Sariyevaramma - Bhairavi Ragam

2.Manasu swadheena - Shankarabharanam Ragam

3.Kaligiyunte - Keeravani Ragam

4.Shri Kamakoti - Saveri Ragam

5.Shri Chamundeshwari - Bilahari Ragam

6.Shankari Ninne - Pantuvarali Ragam



The student should have completed Carnatic Vocal Intermediate CV210 course at the academy OR the student should have the learning experience of carnatic classical music for at least 4 to 5 years - student should be able to sing Varnams, Krithis and Manodharma for Ragas mentioned in the course.

  • Begada varna
  • Natakuranji Varna
  • Bhairavi Ata tala varna
  • Kalyani Ata tala varna
  • Arunachalanatham - Saranga
  • Vishalaksheem - Shanmukhapriya
  • Sariyevvaramma - Bhairavi
  • Manasuswadheena - Shankarabharanam
  • Kaligiyunte - Keeravani
  • Dhanyudevvado - Malayamarutham
  • Saatileni - Poorvi Kalyani
  • Shri Kamakoti - Saveri
  • Shri Chamundeshwari - Bilahari
  • Budhamashrayami -Natakuranji
  • Shankari Ninne - Pantuvarali
  • Brindavana Saranga Tillana
  • Elaradayane
Manodharma - Alapana, Kalpana Swara and Neraval
  • Bhairavi
  • Shankarabharanam
  • Keeravani
  • Saveri
  • Bilahari
  • Pantuvarali
  • Raga Lakshanas
  • Description of Important terms
  • Brief Life history of Music composers - Swathi Thirunal, Mysore Vasudevachar, Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar
  • Chapu Talas and their variety
  • Musical instruments used in Carnatic music and concerts