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Shri Muthuswamy Dixitar,Patnam Subrahmanya Iyer and Shri Ramakrishna Bhagavatar have contributed immensly to Cartatic music.

Their music pieces give a deeper and philosophical meaning of our existence on earth. Their lives revolved around three aspects - spirituality, music,and godliness, which saw a perfect synchronization of these three characteristics. 

These compositions give us infinite possibilities for imaginative music ( manodharma sangeetham ) because of the raga bhava inherent in his compositions.The compositions are unique, filled with devotion.

Learning these kritis will help students increase their repertoire in raga alapan,kalpana swara and niraval.


The objective of this course is to help the student understand the movement and bhava of three different ragas through three different styles of composition from the same composer.

This helps with the creative patterning of these ragas as well along with the learning of these kritis.




Student should have completed CVC108 or CV108

The students should know to sing the geethams, swara jathis and the lakshana geethams. Students should be able to sing in selected pitch and sing the scales of shankarabaranam, Mayamalavagowla , Kalyani and Kharaharapriya well.



Vinayaka ninnu-Hamsadhwani
  • Vinayaka ninnu-Hamsadhwani
Garuda Gamana-Nagaswaravali
  • Garuda Gamana-Nagaswaravali
Sri Guruguha-Shudhdhasaveri
  • Sri Guruguha-Shudhdhasaveri

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course every student should be able to

-          Sing the three kritis properly in pitch and thala.

-          Understand the movement of these three ragas and create their own swara patterns in them. 

-          Understand the meaning of the kritis.