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This course takes the student further into the depths of our music through more compositions of different composers. New ragas and their scope are explored . Purvikalyani, as a raga is delved in detail as a center piece in the concert. Oothukadu Venkata kavi’s composition in Sanskrit on the poet Jayadeva is learnt with raga alapana , niraval and swara. Singing swaras for M. Chapu thala is further honed through korvais and complex swara patterning . Simhavani and Vijayashri, two new ragas are also learnt through compositions. These compositions help in adding variety to a concert.


One of the objectives of the course is to have students get acquainted with compositions of great composers such as Bhadrachala Ramdas,Sadshiva brahmendra, Muthiah Bhagavatar,  Maharaja Sawthi thirunal, Ambuja krishana along with the Trinity composers. The course also aims at introducing and training students to sing proficiently in rare ragams such as Yadukulakambothi, Sahana, Vijayashri, Gowlipanthu and many more. The 3 compositions chosen in this course CV306 are ones in which student learns a kriti in raga Gowrimanohari,Sahana and Vijayashri in each and ragam,niraval, kalpana swara to these ragas. 

Learning Objective

After the completion of CV306, the student should be able to

Sing Gowrimanohari and Sahana raga in detail with niraval and kalpana swara .

Sing the compositions with perfection

Make swara patterns for Vijayashri.

Those who have completed the CV305 from the Academy. Those who have trained in Carnatic music for at least 6 years and a strong foundation of Varnams, Kritis and singing kalpana swaras and alapanas.

  • Brovasamayamide– Gowrimanohari – Adi – Karur dakshinamurthy
  • Urake Galguna – Sahana – Mishra.chapu – Sri Thyagaraja
  • Varanarada – Vijayashri – Adi – Thiagaraja
  • Gowrimanohari
  • Sahana
  • Dashavida Gamakas