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Course duration
12 week(s)
Max class size
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The student needs to increase his repertoire of compositions constantly.Learning more varnams and kritis give us a deeper insight into the music,the way the ragas move in every composition, the creativity of the composer. Varnams give a good grip over laya. Kritis pave way for creativity in the student. Varnams and Kritis help the student understand the essence of the Raga, its special phrases and its beauty.

Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


To gain a deeper insight into our music through learning of varnams and kritis of great composers. The movement of ragas and the gamakas uniquely used for the notes help in greater creativity. The Gamakas used in Carnatic Music are unique and are considered the soul of Carnatic music because they lend identity to each Raga and understanding the details of Gamakas help the students to produce the Gamakas in the correct manner.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student should be able to

-           Sing the varnams taught so far in two speeds

-           Sing the keerthanams and kritis taught so far

-           Identify the raga when the notes are sung.

-           Create small swara passages in the ragas taught.

Those who have completed CV202 with the academy. Those who have had at least 2 years of training and can sing 8 tana varnams in two speeds and 4 kritis.

Student must complete CVERe exam with a passing grade of Honors or above.

  • Durbar
  • Maakelara-Ravichandrika
Kriti ( Chowka kalam )
  • Sri Kanthimathim-Hemavathi
  • Jagat janani-Rathi pathi priya
  • Rahalakshana-Ravichandrika
  • Rahalakshana-Hemavathi