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The student will be introduced to Carnatic music note exercises that aid in voice culture, understanding of different patterns of notes through the Melasthayi (Higher octave) and Mandrasthayi (Lower octave) exercises. The student will learn to sing them in all the three speeds in the Raga Mayamalavagowla. The student will continue the exploration of geetham form in the Raga Saveri and Mohana. Saveri and Mohana are pentatonic scales that will be taught through the compositions.

Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


1. Revision of Dhatu varisai advanced pattern 1 . Continuation of Learning the Dhatu varisais 2 in 3 speeds

2. Revision of Melsthayi varisais 1-3 and learning the 4th and 5th one in all three speeds

3. Introduction to the mandra sthayi varisais 1 to 5 in Mayamalavagowla

4. Learning a new Ragam Saveri and the swaram and sahithyam of the saveri geetham

5. Learning a new Raga Mohana. Understanding difference in swarasthanas Shuddha and Chatushruthi.

6. Learning the swaram and sahithayam of the Mohana raga geetham 

Student should have completed CVESa Level examination or should have knowledge of all basic exercises of Carnatic music (Sarali, Janta varisais, Dhatu varisai), Geethams (all the 4 Pillari geethams in Malahari Ragam). 


Dhatu Varisai (Complex) in Mayamalavagowla
  • Dhatu Varisai 1
  • Dhatu Varisai 2
Melsthayi Varisais (3 speeds) in Mayamalavagowla
  • Melsthayi Varsai 3
  • Melsthayi Varsai 1
  • Melsthayi Varsai 2
  • Melsthayi Varsai 4
  • Melsthayi Varsai 5
Mandra Sthayi Varisais ( 3 Speeds) In Mayamalavagowla
  • Mandra Sthayi Varisai 1
  • Mandra Sthayi Varisai 2
  • Mandra Sthayi Varisai 3
  • Mandra Sthayi Varisai 4
  • Mandra Sthayi Varisai 5
  • Saveri Geetham Swaram
  • Saveri Geetham Sahithyam
  • Mohana Geetham Swaram
  • Mohana Geetham Sahithyam
Basic Exercises in Mohana Ragam
  • Sarali Varisai in Mohana
  • Janta Varisai in Mohana
  • Understanding of Octaves
  • Prakruthi and Vikruthi swaras
  • Swara Nomenclature (12 swarasthanas understanding)
Geetham in Hindolam (Optional Lesson)
  • Hindolam Geetham Swaram
  • Hindolam Geetham Sahithyam

At the end of this course the student should be able to

-   Sing the Dhatu varisais in 1st and 2nd speed along with Tala

-   Sing the Melasthayi Varisias untill the 4th one in the 1st and 2nd speed in the set shruthi

-   Sing the Mandra sthayi Varisais untill the 3rd one in 1st and 2nd speed in the set shruthi

-   Sing the Saveri geetham and Mohana geetham in swara and sahithyam. Student should be able to sing the Arohana and Avarohana of both the Ragas and also learn about its raga Lakshanas

- Sing small patterns and phrases in both Saveri and Mohana