Learn Bengali Movie Songs for talent competition, special event or just for fun!

Whether you are new to singing or an experienced vocalist, we make it fun and easy for anyone to learn their favorite song. The course will teach you step-by-step, covering the lyrics, song situation, music composition and finer nuances such as the inflections and ornamentations.

Instructor-led Singles are 4-week courses, with a 45-minute class per week.

Self-study courses are collection of courses.

All courses have OMBooksTM with instructional videos, lyrics, notations, and practice recording-tools.

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This self study pack consists of the following songs   Aaj Ek NaamTumi Jaake BhalobashoMon Majhi Re   Each lesson contains the lyrics of the song, and audio/video lessons where experts guide you through the song and its nuances. …  


Learn the Bengali Song Tumi Jake Bhalobasho  


Learn the Bengali Song Mon Majhi Re  


Learn the Bengali Song Aaj Ek Naam Na Jana Pakhi