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First course in advanced series, In this course the student gets to learn a Pada Varnam (A Dance form) along with learning to sing Tana Varnam in two speeds, Krtis set to The Misra Chapu Tala which is one of the most important Talas is introduced in this course and its application in compositions of great masters. Decorative Angas used in Krtis is also illustrated, Biography of the Tanjore Quartet and some Raga Lakshanas are given.


  • Singing Varnams in two speeds helps in culturing the voice and training it to be able to perform complex aspects of music.
  • The Pada Varnam helps in understanding the nuances and the essence of the Raga, its special phrases and its beauty.Pada Varnams have Sahitya in all their angas and are more difficult as compared to the Adi Tala Varnams and require more expertise. It also helps to augment his/her knowledge of the structure of the Raga. 
  • The student learns Krtis in Misra Chapu Tala, which is a more complicated Tala. The structure of the Misra Chapu Tala is clearly understood by the student, which he/she can apply in future advanced courses.The student needs to have a fairly good command over these difficult Talas. These krtis are in slow tempo and train the student to handle Krtis of different tempo. 
  • The decorative angas or parts of a Krti are explained with examples so that the student has better understanding of the form Krti.
  • Biography of the Tanjore Quartet gives us a detailed account on the great composers , post the Musical Trinity and their invaluable contribution to the Carnatic music world.
  • The Raga Lakshanas of some important Ragas which will be very
    useful in advanced levels. Raga Lakshanas gives characteristic features and important details of the Ragas are given so that there is deeper and better understanding of the Raga as a whole, its important phrases and so on.

  • At least 8 years of training in Carnatic music
  • Should be able to sing Raga and swara and repeat phrases of raga
Pada Varnam in Raga Nattakurunji
  • Purvangam of Nattakurunji Varnam
  • Uttarangam of Nattakurunji Varnam
Tana Varnam in Second Speed - Abogi Varnam
  • Purvangam of Abogi Varnam
  • Uttarangam of Abogi Varnam
Tana Varnam in Second Speed - Kalyani Varnam
  • Purvangam of Kalyani Varnam
  • Uttarangam of Kalyani Varnam
  • Krti in Raga Arabi - Sri Saraswati
  • Krti in Raga Pantuvarali - Vishalaksheem
  • Krti in Raga Purvikalyani - Satileni
Decorative Angas of Krtis
  • Decorative Angas of Krtis
Biography of Tanjore Quartette
  • Biography of Tanjore Quartette
Raga Lakshanas
  • Nattakurunji
  • Purvikalyani
  • Arabi