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12 week(s)
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This course is for students who have completed the Trinity College Grade 1 course. The course further expands on reading Guitar Tablature and Staff Notation introduced in the first course. Students are also introduced to basic music theory.They will learn melodies using techniques they learn during the course. The course will preapre them for the Trinity College London - Acoustic Guitar Grade 2 Examination. The Grade 2 course is divided into 2 parts to ensure students have ample of practice to be able to perform a minimum of 3 pieces, if not all.


The Performance Pieces for this course are as follows

Bad Jack - Powlesland

Blue Rag - Morandell

House of the Rising Sun - Trad., arr. Pells

Jamaica - Powlesland

New Memory Lane - Pells

Rockodile Reggae - Morandell

Sail Away - T J Walker

Turkey in the Straw - Trad., arr. Sokolow

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong (Thiele & Weiss), arr. Walker

The Technical Work for this course is as follows

Scales - D Major, Bb Major, E Harmonic Minor, A Jazz Melodic Minor

Arpeggio - D Major

Broken Chords - E Minor, A Minor

Chord Sequences - II - V7 - I in C Major & II - V - I in D Major


All Trinity College London courses will train student(s) to prepare for Trinity College London examinations. The exams and certifications are external and registration for this can be completed by going to


1: To help students understand the concept of scales, arpeggios and chord sequences

2: To familiarize the student with using arpeggios over the chord progression.

3: To familiarize the student with the notes within each chord.

4: To give the student the ability to play more musically.

5: To prepare the student for the Trinity College London - Acoustic Guitar Grade 2 Exam.


Completion of 104 course

Students should have the relevant books for Trinity College London - Acoustic Guitar Grade 2 Course



Practical (Pieces & Aural Skills)
  • Trinity pieces for Guitar Grade 2
  • Exercises and Theory for Grade 2 Trinity Guitar

The Student would be able to:
1. Take the Trinity College London - Acoustic Guitar Grade 2 Examination and learn/play a minimum of 3 pieces (through all the courses of Grade 2)
2. Able to demonstrate technical workings - playing scales and arpeggios
3. Able to sight read
4. Have knowledge of basic music theory
5. Play along with other guitarists.