Rap for a Cause - Join the Fight Against Cancer

Shankar Mahadevan Academy's mission is to spread the 'Joy of Music' . Music has the power to change society. 

This year, we are partnering with Cancerve, a non-profit organization that aims to provide care and assistance to all individuals touched by cancer, be it patients or their loved ones. 

Join Cancerve in this noble cause and raise awareness about cancer by penning down and rapping to your lyrics!

The winner's name will be featured in a music video with Shankar Mahadevan!

Send us your submissions before the 21st of Januay 2018 3:00  PM IST to take part in this competition.

The winner also gets a free self-study course  from the Academy.


Contest Highlights

This year our winner is:

Jyoti Kunder (Hindi)

Congratulations Jyoti!



Cancer is a disease that can strike anyone, anywhere. It's causes are many and not just genetics or lifestyle - at times it is curable and at times fatal. The best support to be provided to a person suffering from cancer is to rally around them and show them our compassion. 

We want your song to reflect this setiment. To see a sample song, check out the lyrics below:

Main Cancer hun. Main bhayanak hun
Main bedh bhav nahi rakta . Main Cancer hun
Main Shareer ka athankvad hun. Main Cancer hun
Main raes garibi nahi samajta
Main dharm karm nahi jaanta. Main Cancer hun
Mera eelaaj karna mushkil hain
Mera rogiyon har jaga hain. Main Cancer hun
Main insaniyat nahi jaanta
Main sarvanaash ka roop hun. Main Cancer hun
Main tambakku, cigarette ka dost hun
Main bhayanak hun. Main Cancer hun
Mera rogiyon ko sahas de
Mera rogiyon ko apna le. Main Cancer hun
Mera eelaaj karna mushkil hain
Rogiyon ka garv rakhna jaroori hai. Main Cancer hun

Please note that the above song is a sample. We want you to write and sing your own rap song. 

Terms & Conditions

  • This is an open contest with no age limit.
  • Contestant would submit two files - one a copy of the lyrics and the other an audio file with the rap song sung by the contestant
  • Lyrics for the rap number can be in Hindi or English.
  • Acceptable file format for written lyrics or scanned copy: pdf, doc, png, jpeg
  • Size of each file should not exceed 10 MB
  • One time purchase gives you access for only one submission. Please ensure that you upload the correct files. No requests for changing the file that is submitted initially will be entertained.
  • The academy is not liable for refund, once payment has been made.
  • Any complaints related to the submission will be addressed according to the discretion of the Academy.
  • Files will become the property of academy after submission. The uploaded content will not be returned to the student and will be archived. The Academy reserves the right to use the rendition as it deems fit.
  • The judges’ decision on the participants’ performance  will be final & binding and cannot be challenged by the participant or any representative of the participant under any circumstances.